Our Mission

Although child poverty seems overwhelming it can be eliminated with your help

There are things that we can do individually or as a group. CPAN appreciates each and every effort and whether it is talking to others, donating time or money this help is always needed and very much appreciated.


Children Are Our Business

Children Are Our Business

“Children Are Our Business” is a drive to secure sustainable funding to make sure that the Tools for Schools program will be able to meet the needs of every local child who is in need of a backpack, school supplies and shoes for as long as it is needed.


Featured Sponsor

Sunny Hill Resort Supports CPAN - Child Poverty Action Network in Renfrew Partnership

Sunny Hill is now sponsoring a child each month in The Tools for Schools Program, which provides local children with shoes, backpacks and other school supplies.

For any guests who book a two-week cottage vacation at Sunny Hill, we will sponsor an additional child in your name.

Recent Updates

  • Festival of Trees 2015

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    Have you planned your Christmas party yet? How about having it with us at CPAN’s Festival of Trees! A delicious meal for a fantastic cause, live auction, dancing, door prizes and best of all, no set-up or clean-up for you!

     Check out our video to see how last year’s festival of trees went, and who thinks you should attend this year!



  • Operation Snowsuit 2015

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    This past winter Operation Snowsuit assisted 411 local children and youth by providing snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves.  Thanks to our kind and generous community for helping to keep these children and youth warm and dry, without donations and volunteers this would not be possible.

    CPAN collects throughout the year.  Please contact us for more information.

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2009 Ruth Atkinson Hindmarsh Award

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Children of Poverty


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Did You Know?

  • Over 40% of food bank users are children.
  • Two thirds of children living in poverty have a parent who works, over a third have parents who have full time jobs!
  • Children who do not have appropriate winter wear cannot participate at school (kept in during recess) or within their community
  • Children who are poor are at higher risk of not graduating and transitioning to post secondary education (meaning that when they grow up they cannot get a decent job and are likely to have children of their own who will grow up in poverty)
  • Research shows that children who go to school fully prepared are more likely to graduate
  • Children who are low income often suffer from food insecurity, many have never had certain fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Many children from low income families cannot participate in extracurricular activities because of financial barriers (this is much more than having fun, it is a developmental need)
  • It is extremely unlikely that children from low income families get the opportunity to be involved in cultural programs (can’t afford to have music lessons, visit the theatre, etc.)
  • Children who have parents that work part time often don’t have extended health coverage for prescriptions, eyeglasses etc.
  • Hospitals see many children in their emergency departments because of unsafe and/or inadequate living conditions
  • Research shows that poor people live much shorter lives, and that they have a lower quality of life.
  • You can make a difference!